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Nuclear Testing at the Center

Nuclear Cardiology is a specialized field of medicine in which the cardiologist directs medical imaging tests that use an injection of small amounts of radioactive isotopes (sometimes referred to as “tracers”). The tracer illuminates blood flow in and around the heart so that it can be recorded and analyzed. Such tests can provide significantly more information about your heart than other types of medical imaging and exercise tests.

Nuclear Stress Test

The most frequently performed Nuclear Cardiology test is known as a Nuclear Stress Test. It is used to compare your heart’s behavior between rest and exertion either after exercise or, if you are unable to exercise, with the injection of medication to increase blood flow to the heart.

Nuclear SPECT Technology

Nuclear SPECT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography), is a safe and effective diagnostic imaging procedure. While there is some risk related to elevating your heart rate, serious problems are rare. Occasionally, some people experience dizziness, shortness of breath or an irregular heartbeat. When this happens, the symptoms go away quickly when you stop exercising and your heart rate returns to normal. The tracer used in the test quickly deteriorates and should be completely out of your system in about three days.

Benefits of Nuclear Testing at the Center

Nuclear testing at Zambito Heart Center offers several benefits over other facilities primarily due to our unique nuclear camera. Instead of lying on your back or being encased in a claustrophobic tube our camera captures images of your heart while you sit comfortably in the semi-circular shaped system. Additionally, this type of camera requires lower doses of nuclear tracer material to perform most tests.

Nuclear Cardiology - Nuclear Spect Camera
Sit-Down Nuclear Camera at the Center