Diagnosis of Arrhythmia

Tests for a proper diagnoses

The tests to diagnose heart rhythm disorders are complex and extensive and consist of anything from exercise testing to try to induce arrhythmia to catheter studies where wires and placed into the heart for detailed monitoring and mapping of the heart’s electrical system and testing to stimulate heart rhythm disorders that may be dormant or intermittent.

Other procedures are done that allow short-term or even long-term monitoring of the heart rhythm in real time, through the use of external cardiac monitors that last from 24 hours to about one month and even implantable cardiac monitors that can last for years if that much monitoring is needed.

All of these diagnostic procedures are done easily in the outpatient setting or at home, with the exception of the catheter electrophysiology study and implantable cardiac monitor, which are same-day outpatient surgical procedures at the hospital and have minimal recovery time after leaving the hospital the day of the procedure.