Treatment of Heart Disease


Whether you think you have a heart condition or you have already been diagnosed, when you visit the Center you  will be asked to identify your symptoms. Do you feel heart palpitations? Have you passed out or fainted for no apparent reason? Once all of your symptoms have been identified, tests will be run to obtain an accurate diagnosis. A personalized treatment plan will be developed based on your particular needs. This may include medications, implantable devices such as a pacemaker or a defibrillator or a cardiac ablation procedure. It all depends on your unique situation and condition.

Physician Examining EKG Tracing

Physician Examining EKG Tracing

Having all the capabilities of a large diagnostic center means we can treat just about any cardiac condition. Our focus is on helping the people in our local community of Corona and surrounding areas in Queens and Brooklyn by providing a family-oriented health care environment. we do our best to provide you and your loved ones with comprehensive care and a one-stop shop for advanced heart treatments. You can learn more about the treatment of some heart diseases by following the links below.



Dr. Zambito and his team also have special expertise in caring for and treating: